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Boat Show Television Srl

Boat Show Television Ltd. is the company that produces The Boat Show®. Founded in 2010, based in Milan and London, it has representatives in the United States and Hong Kong. Boat Show Television is a video production company specializing in premium nautical content, which manufactures and distributes worldwide. The television magazine The Boat Show® is the company’s main property. The Boat Show® is entirely produced by Boat Show Television: production, post production, motion graphics, music, distribution, right management.

The Boat Show TV program

The Boat Show is a TV program dedicated to international boating. Lovers of pleasure boats, boat owners, sector operators and anyone who dreams of owning a boat are our spectators. Produced by a team of professionals with many years of experience, The Boat Show tests the latest boats offered by the market, sailing and motor, tells the international boat shows, visits the shipyards, explores aspects related to maintenance and technology, tells about regattas, events, charters and ports. He also has a keen eye on the latest trends in the luxury and high-end products industry such as cars, watches, fashion, destinations and lifestyle.

Entirely produced by Boat Show Television, For 15 years The Boat Show© is the only television program entirely dedicated to boating. Broadcast worldwide and produced in 4k for 52 episodes per year, it can be customized based on duration, language and frequency. Its production – original to 100, with studio recording and shooting in the water – offers the public every facet of the exclusive world of sailboats and motor boats, including sporting and lifestyle events, the construction of superyachts or the nautical salons of everything the world.

The Boat Show© is broadcast in over 80 countries around the world by the most important international TV channels, such as Sky Sports, HBO, BeIN Sports, TRT and many more.

In addition, The Boat Show is the ideal program for onboard and private entertainment programs. The program deals with a cross-cutting theme, the images are neutral, the language is never offensive, and there are completely no political or religious references. In addition, the vast existing video archive allows the creation of material dedicated specifically to in-flight systems with videos perfectly adaptable to the formats used on aircraft.

Video Production

Boat Show Television is a “boutique video”, an independent video production company that makes corporate and product videos. The production takes place all “in house”, from the script to the search for the location, from the soundtrack, to the directing, to the editing. This highly inclusive approach allows clients to have a very positive experience, and get the desired end product perfectly suited to their needs.

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