Ranieri Next 370 SH – test

The flagship of the Ranieri International range, the NEXT 370 SH, tested with the new 350 hp Suzuki engines. This outboard has a displacement of 4390 cc, 6 cylinders arranged in a V with an angle of 55 degrees between the counters, 4 valves per cylinder, double overhead camshaft and phase variator. It’s a very compressed engine: the ratio is 12: 1, a high value for an outboard. Thanks to an elaborate suction circuit, a lot of air enters the engine, which is then cooled and dehumidified to improve performance. In each explosion chamber there are then two injectors to better direct the fuel to the center of the cylinder. The heads of the pistons are not perfectly smooth, their surface has tiny craters; a technology that serves to better distribute the pressure produced by the bursts to lengthen the life of the piston. What distinguishes this engine from the competition is the double helix. It is currently the only major series outboard to be equipped with it. Two propellers push more, have less regress, that is less slippage in the water, in practice acceleration is faster and the boat runs more stable. For large and heavy boats like this, the double counter-rotating propeller is the ideal solution.

Tester: Maurizio Bulleri

Data Sheet

ModelRanieri Next 370 SH
Length11.5 m
ShipyardRanieri International
Year of the test2018
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